Lately it seems as though everything is super random.
Since last post I've been busy and that is always good.
Gosh I almost can't even put into words all the awesome fun things that I've done lately.
On Wednesday I had the distinct pleasure of going on a photo shoot with Jenn and had a great time. Can't remember the last time that I was able to pick up a camera and shoot for the art and creativity of it. Boy am I rusty. If anyone is interested in a for fun photo shoot let me know... I would love to keep practicing and whatever I shoot is yours for the printing.
This past weekend was my BFF birthday. We had a great time celebrating even if she was super hung over. :)
Sunday was mother's day I always get together with my Mom and if she is available, my sister. I picked up my beautiful mother and we traveled up to my sister's where we hung out with the kids and then got some super yummy gelato.
Monday and Tuesday this week I had fancy lunches... Monday with Jax and yesterday I had the awesome opportunity (thanks again to Jenn) to go to the Women in Business lunch by Hartford Business Journal. They honored 8 women in business and had a speaker talk about her trek and conquest of Mt. Everest. Her story was super inspiring. Have a dream and what it takes to conquer it. You can do it! I met some great women at my table and surprised myself with my can do attitude towards networking and meeting people. I think I've gotten to the "what have I got to lose" part of this whole trip.
The weather has been A-mazing, I took advantage of it on Monday and walked the reservoir with Bridget. I will never tire of that walk. It is always so calming and quiet and beautiful and challenging.
So that's all really for now peeps.
It's all about the can do...
(pics are randomness too!)

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Anonymous said...

Your can do attitude is just another reason you are so full of awesomeness!