First meme, then you!

I found this over at Confessions of a Young Married Couple...

I am: a wife, sister, daughter, friend.

I think: happiness is a decision. So make it!

I know: I will always try my best.

I have: lots of natural hair colors.

I wish: I didn't have to go to jury duty in a couple of months.

I hate: ignorance.

I miss: my nonna.

I fear: fear itself.

I hear: my alarm in the morning and groan.

I smell: clean sheets and am happy.

I crave: chocolate... ALOT.

I search: for my long lost friend from grade school.

I wonder: about everything.

I regret: starting smoking (even though I'm not smoking now).

I love: my peeps.

I ache: for my peeps in Europe, it has been so long.

I am not: able to hook up this external hard drive to my laptop! UGH.

I believe: in love.

I dance: whenever I get the chance.

I sing: best after a bucket of margaritas.

I cry: at almost anything.

I fight: with my husband the best.

I lose: only what I'm willing to lose.

I win: because I am loved!

I never: ask for help when I need it. I am stubborn.

I always: second guess myself.

I confuse: bands all the time.

I listen: to children and smile.

I am scared: of horror movies.

I need: chocolate... alot.

I am happy about: about everything because I made that choice (see above).

I can usually be found: with my peeps.

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