Hallo, Ciao, Wilkommen, Wie geht's, What up, Wasssup, Buon Giorno, how's it hanging? I don't have much to say. I really feel like I'm working on so many secretive projects right now. Nothing due in 9 months, peeps.... Puh leeze! :)
Just stuff that if I say it out loud I feel like it won't happen. But I can honestly say today that I AM HAPPY!!! And I will say that out loud knowing that it won't not happen. How can I not be... my hubby and I are having a blast and really enjoying life these days. I have great friends that keep me sane and loving and living on the daily, my mom and sister and even sister wife (heehee) are the best women that a woman could ask for as a support. The sun is shining the breeze is blowing... what more could a girl ask for? Yes I know a million dollars... but for reals peeps.
Lovin you!

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*the mama said...

i still so heart those mugs...and yours...