May Day

1st of May today and I can't believe it. I know that I need to stop blogging about how fast time goes by.
The weather is really starting to shape up and making me want to spend as much time out there as possible. Walks and long drives with the windows open and the music loud.

Today Leah moves into her new apartment... :(
I'm gonna miss:
-cute or not cute
-wanna go to the mall?
-morning breakfast therapy
-sister wife #2
-my shoe collection has decreased by more than half
-so has my jewelry and makeup.
-most of all my best friend at my fingertips. :)

My partner in crime.


1 comment:

*the mama said...

ughhhh, I sooooo heart this picture.
and the two of you.....

hugs, and I want to walk tooooo! maybe with stroller, backpack and sling, but I wanna come tooo....