Hapy Mother's Day

Hello to all my Mom's.
Today is for you!

Mom- Happy day today. Everyday it is you that I want to hear from, tell my stories to and make proud. Thank you for being my mom, friend, and the one I admire most.

Sube- You are my inspiration and #1 Mom. I tell everyone about you and tell stories about your family as if they were mine. You should be so proud today and every day... write a book, most Mom's could use your stories.

Al- Congrtaulations on a beautiful family. You are one in a million and make a wonderful Mommy.

A shout out to all mothers out there, you have my admiration and applause today. Enjoy!


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*the mama said...

awwww...thanks girlie. It was indeed a lovely mama's day. Hope you are doing fabulous, and let see each other soon.