What's up?

  • 8 weeks. Calliope is 8 weeks old. She likes to smile and stare at her toys on the activity mat and in her lamby chair. She is sleeping 6 hours in a stretch at night. She loves the black and white images that I taped up next to her changing tables. In 2 weeks we will go for her 2 month appointment and I will update her stats. 
  • I am going back to work July 1. A little over two weeks. Originally I hoped to stay home for 12 weeks, but hubby will be done with school next week so we decided to stay home together for a week and then he will take over. I will take over again when he goes on tour so that will make up for the 2 weeks. I am sad but really happy at the same time. We feel really lucky that we haven't had to go to daycare yet and that daddy gets to stay home with her for the summer.
  • It has been raining forEVER!!! It feels that way anyway. I am waterloaded. We can't go for walks and that stinks. I might try walking the mall if this doesn't let up, although we are supposed to have a nice weekend. 
  • My favorite thing these days is snuggling with my girl. She loves to cuddle up.
  • I am really excited about the summer and the walks and the weekend trips and all the possibilities.
  • One of my BFF's is going through some pretty rough times right now and my heart breaks for her. My other BFF is coming for a visit today and I CAN'T WAIT!!!
  • Sunday is Father's Day.... don't know where to begin for hubby! He has pretty much everything he wants. I was thinking of getting him a carvel cake... fudgy the whale!!
  • We are considering going to the cape for a weekend in August! Would be our first family trip. hmm.... Any pointers? Definite musts or must nots?
  • I've lost some weight beyond the baby weight and now my clothes don't fit. Ugh. Headed back to work and need some new duds. I don't know where to begin other than my own closet. I'm going to try to get some stuff next week. Starting with a pair of nice summer shoes and a skirt.
  • All this rain! It's almost enough to put the heat on. Hate that I just wrote that.
Ciao for now!

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