Thirty Six

Today is my birthday. I am 36 today. Yup.
A few weeks ago my plan was to have some peeps over to celebrate the last birthday that I would be responsible for only myself, but that never happened. I don't have a lot of room for focus these days. I am preoccupied with work and getting ready for this baby. I am not sad that I didn't have a last hurrah because I don't want to think that this baby will change my life for the worse but for the better. I have been waiting and dreaming about her for a long time, I cannot wait to meet her and see her and tell her all kinds of secrets and dreams. So instead I woke up to a delicious breakfast cooked by my hubby with some super tasty coffee (half caf). My mom stopped by to give me a hug and spend some time with me and my mother in law talking about what we need for this beauty that is coming into our lives. Hubby and I were supposed to go out to lunch or dinner but cuddling on the sofa and talking about the future seemed like a better choice at the time. Then we indulged with a double chocolate fudge cake, YUMMY!!!
Life is good and calm and we are happy.
Thank you to all my family and friends for all the amazing birthday wishes. I am the luckiest gal in the world.

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