Weekend. check

Well it is the fateful Sunday afternoon... almost Sunday night. When all thoughts of fun and carefree are headed out the window. It was a great weekend. Today was a bit too lazy for my taste but I just couldn't get myself in gear. Gotta do some laundry so we'll see how that goes.
Yesterday was one of those perrrfect Summer days... Hubby and I and two other couples took a day trip to Providence, RI. We walked around for most of the morning, got a snack in little Italy, attempted a trip to the Providence Place mall and then walked to a nearby Brewery for some much needed food and relaxation. If you have ever been to the Providence Place Mall you know when I say that place is HUGE! It is not a mall to run into or just spend a little time in... it is a commitment. One that our group was not quite ready to make, and I for one was glad for it.
When the day was done we all went our separate ways and reconvened on our deck for some much needed reflection on the day and treats for all the walking around we did.
It was a gorgeous evening...except for the mosquitoes that would NOT leave us alone.
Today was a soggy rainy Sunday where the motivation was lost.
Hope you had a great weekend too!
(pics to come)

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