Every year the mad hatters unite wearing similar hats and walk the course at the reservoir on Farmington Ave in West Hartford.

The team

And me....
It was kinda chilly but we had a great time anyway. D&D stormed the course and were already in the car headed home to smoke that pork before we even hit the finish line.
And Boy oh boy were those pulled pork sandwiches worth it.

After the walk I headed North with H to visit with the kidlets. I missed them and knew that there were home alone so we surprised them with cookies and hot cocoa.
We went for a walk and played some Wii. I never could play video games.

And that was my weekend. I know it's Wednesday.... and I'm already looking forward to this weekend.
Friday hubby and I are celebrating 6 years of wedded bliss. For those of you that realize that our anniversary is on Saturday.... Saturday night is ladies night... It's a long story that revolves around my talking too much.
If you're around on Saturday and can prove that you've got ovaries come on over... it's ladies night and we are drinking wine and eating chocolate.

Happy hump day!

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