Busy Busy Buzz Buzz

These weeks can't go by any faster. The nights are filled with water aerobics, theater, shopping, planning, meeting.... And the weekends are filled with shopping, cleaning, football, sleeping, hair cuts, new phones and meetings. Please don't ask me to do another thing. But I really miss you and would LOVE to hang out! Just like me. Planning too much and then when there is nothing to do wonder what is wrong with me. I have this problem with staying still for a minute. Almost to the point of forgetting plans that I have already made.
Good news... my very best friend Judy had her beautiful baby girl this week. Brought tears to my eyes. Mom and daughter are home doing well. Can't wait to go see them.
Hubster might be away for our anniversary this year so I have decided to resurrect an age old tradition (from the Worcester days....) FAVORITES. I'm sad that my lady L won't be able to join.... but sweets there will be many more to come. Here is the quickest explanation of faves that I can come up with ... Girls nights theme parties!!! It started when I worked at Davis with a bunch of women that were around my age. We decided to have a party with the theme being something that was our favorite. The first party was "Bring your favorite..." and we all brought something that we loved.... I brought brownie sundaes and Lady L. She was/is my favorite friend. The parties grew from there... favorite potato dish, favorite Madonna, favorite pajamas... and I have the polaroids to prove it. SO... if you're reading this and you wanna come to FAVORITES.... leave me a comment with you email address and when I finally get around to the invites you will surely get one. (The photo was from Maine this past July... it is in honor of the newest addition to that family! Welcome Olivia! Can't wait to meet you!)

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