I used to be a BLONDE

This picture is from my birthday. That is me, my sister and my Mom.
I'm not a blonde anymore....
I went to get my hair done today and I decided to try to get back to my roots... :)
I picked a much darker color... one that I am not used to but totally ready for. It is a great color and I think... looks good on me. I asked my husband and all he could say (what he says EVERYTIME...) was... looks good.
I will take some pics at Easter and you can decide.

Funny story...
Right before G and I got married we moved back "home" here to Hartford. I was desperately trying to find a job so when a part time job opened up in my neighborhood at an awesome bakery... Great Harvest... I took it.
So it was very surprising when someone walked in that I went to college with. Here we were 60 miles away from our alma mater and she recognized me... BEST PART... she recognized me as "the one that always had different colored hair".
Nuff said.


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