Whirlwind week....

Between the hour change, the excitement of the election and a CRAZEEE work week, I am done, bushed, wiped, cooked, zombiefied. On top of all of that my back is a mess these days. I was walking like a duck on Monday when I finally made my way to the dr. She said that I popped my S1 or SI joint.... basically the joint in my pelvis that connects my BUTT. Whew what a week. It has been surreal to say the least.
This weekend is well deserved and I hope to make the best out of it. Today is supposed to be Fall BBQ day with some friends but the rain might wash away those plans. Tomorrow is football and walks with friends and maybe a coffee date thrown in there for good measure.
To start I am meeting my sister in a few minutes to hang with the little ones while she gets her hair done. I can't wait....

Ciao for now,

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jenngator222 said...

Thanks for everything this week. I think we made it through, and we'll start fresh on Monday. Have a great weekend!