Stefania is dusting off the old resume and getting ready to start hunting... and she hates it. (I can't help but writing in 3rd person... thank you Facebook).
I hate hate hate looking for a job...
Every part of it SUX.
Searching; trying to mold yourself to fit every description or reading all the opportunities and realizing that there isn't much out there for you.
Applying; I have no less than 7 versions of my resume and they all seem the same. Ugh. I can't write a resume (or cover letter for that matter) to save my life. Checking and rechecking each line to make sure that it reads right and is grammatically correct and expresses the jobs that I did.
Waiting; this has got to be the worst part. Sending a resume and cover letter and then siting by the computer waiting for a response... any response. Thinking should I call? Should I email again? What the hell should I do?
Getting the call; and waiting again for an interview. Getting ready for the interview is the worst for me. I feel so vulnerable and exposed. And those of you who know me know that when I am feeling that way the babble turns on exponentially. I can't seem to stop talking. Well I guess that happens a lot more than just at interviews but that is neither here nor there.
Waiting again... ugh. I'm not really sure that I am ready for this.
The thing I hate the most.... feeling like reading my resume is not knowing me at all. How do you express in a resume or cover letter (DON'T GET ME STARTED ON HOW MUCH I HATE HATE HATE COVER LETTERS) who I am. That I am a hard worker and never give up. That I love to learn. That really I am the BEST person for the job...


smiley9188 said...

Hi Stefania! Sorry about the layoff. What a tough situataion although I absolutely love your silver lining- join Jenn's bookclub! Thinking of you! ~Colleen

diezcosasquenonecesitassaber said...

Hey babe,

I know that writing cover letters/application essays/job begs SUCKS. However...

Part of me kind of enjoys it, and I write/edit a mean cover letter. If ever you want a second pair of crafty eyes, I'm ready and willing to offer my services. Seriously. Pimp me. It's kind of your duty.




mama al said...

hey you. i am with C above, i actually kind of enjoy the process...i like to try and craft something funky that ruffles feathers and makes me stand out amongst other resumes....

you will do great things love,

xo, A

and still wanna get some hang time in....

love you, A