Always look on the bright side of life...

Go ahead... whistle that tune. You know you want to.
So when you get lemons, make lemonade; when someone closes a door, open a window; He/She has a plan; this was meant to be; this is your path, a better opportunity will present itself... any other sayings to add... did I miss any. Send em my way because boy oh boy do I need them. I got laid off. There I said it. My company has been having tough times as of late and had to lay off 6-7 people and "there are more to come". I still can't help but be PISSED OFF. I had terrible dreams about beating people up and I thought the whole thing was a dream until I woke up and there were the unemployment papers and damn.... it is my reality.

Ok enough of the pity party... I'm gonna pull myself up by my boot straps, I will fall on my feet, I will make lemonade, I am a capable, strong, talented, smart and confident woman that has the world as her oyster.

So here is my silver lining list:
• I can join Jenn's book club. WaHOO!!!
• All that time that I have been complaining about not having... poof, here it is!
• More time to read, work out, cook, clean, visit, catch up on movies and TV, sleep in, stay up late...
• Um two words... Daytime Television!!!
• I can wear jeans all day everyday!
• More time on facebook and blogger. AIM anyone...
• It is a great time of year to stay home be cozy, bake, craft and be a homebody.

So don't worry about me but also don't expect a gift for X-mas either. :) My gift is my time... so come on over... let's hang.



mama al said...

go you! i am so proud of you for your positive outlook! you will be fine!!

we love you and are sending cozy aok vibies....



p.s. if you want to work at a school. mine has tons of openings!!!

diezcosasquenonecesitassaber said...

What a positive, strong post. I know it can't feel like that all the time--I know it's gotta be hard and hurtful sometimes, but goddamn. Time is good, and hometime near the holidays is kind of nice.

Already miss you lots, lady. I, for one, would love to hang and to continue to see your face. You and Jenn and I should try to plan dinner or something for the not too distant future. :)

Chin up, bean. Sending lots more good juju and affection,


Stefania said...

You're right I don't feel this way all the time but I can't get caught up in the negative... that does me no good.
I still wake up every morning thinking it was a dream.
But sadly it's not.

The Roller Coaster of life.