Black Friday

I have never ever been one to go crazy shopping on this day. I like to spread my shopping out and go when I can and get things that are special to each person.
Really this is the first year in a long time that I am even home on this day (I would've been regardless of being unemployed... they are closed today).
Will I go shopping? Probably not.... but I am meeting my sister at the mall to help her out... is it the same thing. We'll see.
NPR has been trying to get this day to become the day of listening... so grab a family member brew a pot of coffee/ hot cocoa/ tea/ hot toddies... and sit down and share some stories. Don't email them, text them, post them to facebook... spend some time today with those you love and get to know them again. I bet there is a story or two that you will hear that you never knew.
Today my best friend from high school is coming over with her new daughter. I am so excited to meet her and fawn all over her and hear all her stories about motherhood.
A very close friend from college that generally calls California his home, will be in the neighborhood as well. If I had to guess the last time I saw him.... gosh it is way too long. I look forward to seeing him and spending some time hearing all about life on the other coast.


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