November 1st

Hello and welcome to November.
A new month. Here comes the holiday season fast and furious. There were chocolate Santas at the grocery store last night and a Salvation Army bell ringer in the Center today. Wowee, that happened fast. Soon we will start to stock the shelves with Christmas gear in August, unless that is already happening.
Girls night last weekend was tons of fun. We ate lots of chocolate, drank delicious sangria and played Cranium. Fun was had by all. At the very end of the evening I whipped (more like dragged, it's so heavy) my wedding album, volumes 1 and 2 for the ladies to see. It really was a beautiful day and brings back amazing memories.

Then on Sunday the mister and I went apple picking. We had a grand old time pickin' and eating lots of delicious apples.
Last night was Halloween and it went by pretty uneventfully.... the man has been home sick for a couple of days so he stayed home and tricked the treaters and ran errands... got the computer back, cut my hair and went grocery shopping.
The store was completely deserted and I was so excited, until I got inside and realized that all the counters were closed and my list was drastically cut; and I have to go back. UGH.

Today we are dressing up and headed to a Halloween party.... check back for pictures.
As the leaves fall and the days get shorter and colder I am thinking of the last months and the holidays and Family. Wishing you all cozy nights and clear crisp days.
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday.... and vote with your brains.

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don't forget to vote no on proposition 1.....