Not much to say..

I know, it's a first.
This is what's going on:
• Went out for potato soup with Jenn and Colleen yesterday evening and it was wonderful. Great to finally meet Colleen, and nice to spend some time away from the office with J.
• I just got home from the movies with Heather. We have these random movie dates and they are super fun. We went to see Happy Go Lucky at Cinema City. I had a free ticket from over the Summer and was able to use it. So with a $3 cup of coffee and a purse filled with contraband movie snacks, it was a pretty cheap afternoon of entertainment. The movie was good. Poppy was happy to say the least. We loved her outfits and her breathing habit. She was a loud breather (you know what I mean).
• I got may hair done today. Not that you could really tell. Same old color, same old cut.
• Tomorrow is all about laundry and staying home. It is too darn cold out there.
• I am looking forward to a short week next week. Friday will be the first time since 2000 that I have had the day after Thanksgiving off. It's a whole new world.
• I'm reading Sloane Crosley, I Was Told There'd be Cake . It is a collection of essays. In the past I've always stayed away from collection books.... I need it to be one story from beginning to end. I read it like a book and can't handle the different topics. But this is good and worth the exception.
• The holiday season is here and here to stay. My neighbor has X-mas lights up. ugh. I wasn't really ready but then again when am I ever ready.
• I missing my peeps these days. Ali... haven't seen you in forever. Can we please change that? Nina, you look amazing and I am always checking for updates. D&D if you are still reading this... consider yourselves invited, whenever however, let's just get together already. Jenn and Colleen, cheers to new friends. Coleen consider yourself stalked. :) Not really sure who else is reading... Tina are you still there? Christen? Anyone... Bueller? Dween... are you out there?

Well.... I guess I did have a lot to say after all. No jokes please.
Ciao (the picture is Jujubean and me from babysitting last weekend. We had fun in the Photo Booth.)


diezcosasquenonecesitassaber said...


... I ... I really miss kids. :) I like how that makes it sound like I'm 55 and empty nesting, when really I'm 23 and missing tiny Spanish chillenz. :)

And potato soup sounds SO very good. Color me jealous.

Did you chizill with Larry? How WAS that? And I, too, am totally pumped for a short, sweet week!

Hasta el lunes, hot hairz,


The Whole Self said...

hey sweetie-
missin' you too. wish we could have a neighborly pre-thanksgiving get-together with yummy drinks and appetizers. i'll be thinking of you!

Christen said...

Hiya Stefania, I'm here and I love reading your blog. I was so bummed when your Facebook post said, 'who wants to hang out?' and I couldn't say ME! Well, I could have, but it would have involved a day-long flight, and you would have spent your free day driving my ass back and forth to the airport. :) I was just telling my mom about the tag sale when I went to the bathroom and you asked if you could just give away all my crap while I was gone... awesome! :) Stay warm.

Love ya,