Weekend News

I had been looking forward to this weekend for a LONG time.

I babysat my sister's kids overnight on Friday and was supposed to be leaving for Suzanne Vega concert as I type this.
Babysitting was so fun. Jujubean was at a birthday party when I arrived and Mom and Dad were still home so the first hour or so was just with the boys and Mom. It was fun to reconnect with my sister and brother-in-law. He had just gone skydiving the weekend before so had great pictures to share. K and R had lots of stories to share from school and daycare.
R just talks and talks even though I barely understand him. K is in second grade now and loves to tell stories and jokes. G is a teenager and a great one at that. He is so grown up. J got home from her party... not sure if you've ever heard of these parties... Daisy Do's (not sure how they spell it... don't care). The girls ages 4-8/10 go to this place and get their hair, makeup and nails done. It's kinda scary... she looks like a clown when she walked in the house... but boy was she happy. We had to take pictures of her hair.

You can't really see her hair in the pictures but the look on her face says it all.
After dinner Mom and Dad left for their wedding weekend (J cried for 20 minutes) and we wound the evening down with popcorn and a movie. By the end of the movie all the kids were asleep except the littlest one. He was wide eyed watching the action scenes and exclaiming "Whoa" after every action packed one.

I put them all to bed and found out my concert was canceled for today. I'm still bummed about it. My best gal and I had lofty plans for the weekend.... dinner, concert, hotel room so we could have an extra drink and not have to worry about the drive home followed by a day of shopping. I'm still taking the day off tomorrow so we can hang and I can have the mental health day that I truly deserve.
Saturday was filled with hours of building a Teenage Mutant Teenage Ninjas puzzle, Noggin with R, G was at a swim meet and K must have asked when he was coming home every 15 minutes the whole time he was gone, and lots of laughter. I was woken early in the am with J jumping on my bed screaming "This is the best day of my life"... how could I not have fun. My mom came to change shifts with me at about 5:30.
Today I spent cleaning, and recuperating... those kids are energetic.

I'm home now... not leaving for my concert. Oh well.


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mama al said...

hope your day was perfect. you deserve it!

xo, A