Pregnancy update

Today marks 19 weeks pregnant. Almost half way there. Wahoo. Things are good. Less anxiety, choosing happiness and calm. The baby is moving more regularly and that certainly helps with the anxiousness. Next week we go for the important second trimester screening. That means an hour with the baby via ultrasound technology. I am looking forward to that so much. It is nice to spend time checking out  what the baby is doing in there and check out all the major organs and other good stuff. We have elected to find out the sex of the baby. We are going to ask the technician to write it on a piece of paper and only hubby will get to see it. He will decide if he shares with the moms (who are invited to this ultrasound). Then for Christmas one of my gifts will be the reveal. We are excited. We have already started having the all important name conversation. It is so much harder than I expected it to be. Of course we had names picked out last time and they were perfect. It adds a whole level of choosing the right name.
Here is my list of pregnancy ups and downs.
  • My nose is congested all the time.
  • I love talking and humming and singing to the baby.
  • My boobs are huge and itchy.
  • There is no other feeling in the world than feeling the baby kick and move.
  • Hormones are a bitch. Literally.
  •  The ups list is harder to come up with because it is mostly genuine happiness.

K Peeps. Hope you have a great weekend.

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