Bucket List

I have toyed with the idea of a bucket list for a long time. What would I put on it? Generally the answer always tended toward the " what are you doing coming up with a bucket list. Do your homework!!!" But today my homework is done, most of it anyway, and I am ready to put some ideas down.
Here goes:
- travel to South America. This is something that I have always wanted to do. Especially see Peru and Machu Pichu and the Mayan ruins. All of it. I don't care much for the rain forest or the beach it's more the cities and little villages that I want to visit.
- Get a tattoo. I'm kinda scared. Ok I'm really scared of this one. I have wanted one for a really long time and even more so since losing my daughter. I think it is a beautiful way to commemorate someone. Hubby and I have talked about it a lot. It's easy for him he already has two huge tattoos on his arms. I'm afraid of the pain and passing out or puking.
- Finally learn to drive stick shift.  Hubby tried to teach me and I didn't do very well. That was a long time ago and I think it's time to try again.
- Change the oil in my car by myself. I tried to talk our old mechanic into letting me do it. He wasn't too keen on the idea. Lets just say he had some stipulations that I wouldn't agree to.
- Listen to all the podcasts that I have on iTunes. I listened to one last week while cleaning and that worked well. I got a lot more to get through.
- Clean out the closet honestly. I have a LOT of clothes that I don't wear just hanging out there for no reason, other than I remembered who gave it to me or where I wore it once. It is becoming a real problem. Same goes for the jewelry box and the purses. ( ok. This is more a to do thing than a bucket list thing)
- Read the 'greats'. I never read Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick... You get my drift.
- Visit the Grand Canyon.
- Fly on a private jet.

Good start! If I do say so myself.


Corina Ogan said...

Travelling to South America, getting a tattoo, and flying on a private jet was also included on my bucket list! If I ever get the chance to fly on a private jet, I would definitely fly to Italy! :D

Raymond Curry said...

You’ve got exciting activities in your bucket list, huh? I can feel that you’re somewhat an adventurous person. Other things on your list seems like easy to achieve, though. All you need is a bucket of willpower and determination. But above all, opportunity is the key for you to accomplish all these. If you are given the chance to fly on a private jet or visit the Grand Canyon, grab it! Don’t waste your opportunity to try amazing things in life!

Raymond Curry @ Holstein Aviation