November is here!

Whoa. That last month was nutso. So many crazy things going on. It just disappeared.
Here's what I'm looking forward to in November:
  • Tonight I am getting tea with a friend. Yay.
  • Tomorrow lunch with another great friend!! 
  • Saturday I am getting coffee with another dear friend. Lucky me!!!!
  • Sunday I am making plans to visit with my sister and her family. Wahoo. Hubby is at a football game all day.
  • Next week is election day so the incessant ads slandering each politician will be over.
  • Next Friday I will be 4 months preggo! Wahoo. 
  • Saturday; baby shower for a friend and then dinner with other friends.
  • The week after that is bookclub. Love those gals.
  • A few U events sprinkled in there.
  • Thanksgiving. So excited. I am ready to hang with the fam and truly be thankful for all that I am blessed with this year.
  • The real beginning of the holiday season. Yay. Bring on the Christmas carols.
What am I not looking forward to this month:
  • You guessed it! Daylight Savings is over this weekend. Ugh. Hubby tried to lighten the mood by reminding me that we get another hour of sleep. To which I answered just go to bed earlier!
  • They are already talking about a wintery mix of precipitation for next week. C'mon!!!
  • Holiday shopping, commercialism, too much bustling... AHHHHH!!!!!
  • All the holiday baking. I am getting bigger as we speak.
  • The leaves are all pretty much down and the dead bare branches are left. Ugh.  So dreary!
I guess it's good that there are more things on the looking forward to list than the other!
Happy All Saints Day!

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