It's hard to follow up on that last post. I still feel lucky but now I feel bad if I complain... dang.
Oh well. September has continued to be a long and chock full month. Last weekend was so super fun and full of activity. Hubby and I are season ticket holders to the newest football craze, UFL; Go HartfordColonials!!! Saturday was the first game and what a super good time. We weren't quite sure what to expect as far as tailgate and pre-game; so we made some mistakes: 1) we did not bring any food 2) we did not bring any beer 3) we did not bring lawn games, tables, blankets, music or anything overly fun. We did bring some bottles of water and skip-bo. We are huge skip-bo fans so the card game was fun as always but you try playing in the back of your car, while 14,000 people are grilling and tailgating. The kids in the car next to us were laughing at us, not with us, I'm pretty sure. We walked around the parking area looking for any folks that we knew were coming to the game. We didn't find anyone but we witnessed all sorts of "tailgate" fun. It looks like pretty serious business. Huge flags, lots of beer, some beer pong, grills of all sizes and flavors and lots of food. The smells were amazing. This is not just dogs and burgers my friends. There was seafood and steak and sausage and kabobs. This is gourmet back of the car goodness. After spending some time exploring we made our way into the stadium and into the food line. You try walking around all that tailgating and not get hungry. We had sausage and peppers that left a LOT to be desired. Especially after witnessing the food goodness right outside.
The game was AWESOME! The Colonials played a great game. I enjoy football and let me tell you live football is even better. The only thing that got really lame towards the end was the live feed. There is a guy that stands near the edge of the field and whenever he crosses his arms it means that the station that is televising the event is on a commercial break. The game would have ended a half hour earlier if it wasn't for that dude. I did not like him and was getting kinda cranky towards the end of the game. We stayed until the last few minutes and then ran out trying to get ahead of the parking lot traffic. The best parts of the game were: 1) the canon being shot for every TD 2) the people we sat with were awesome 3) of course getting to spend some time with hubby. Things I learned: 1) Bring some food to "tailgate with". I think we will start small next time and just buy some grinders or something and then maybe buy a portable grill in the future (maybe). 2) Wear a hat during the game. We sat on the sunny side of the stadium and although it was cool and cloudy out, my face was tight and red the next morning. 3) Do not eat the stadium food.
The other super fun awesome event that we attended last weekend was the wedding of our friends Todd&Rebecca. The wedding was at the NewHavenLawnClub. Beautiful venue, great people, awesome wedding. The ceremony was really sweet and so full of love. Todd chose his 6 year old son as his best man; so adorable. The food was good, the band was fun and the company was even better. I got to hang and dance and celebrate with some seriously great people. Some that I haven't seen in a really long time.
I can't believe that was already a week ago. On to the next wedding couple. Going to a bridal shower tomorrow at one of my FAVORITE restaurants AGAVE! Love it. I am really excited for Kyle&Kenny; super cute couple.
Okay peeps, have a great weekend.

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