Feeling pretty lucky

Throughout this bought of crazed life business I am happy to say that I feel pretty lucky. I know that I am knocking on Murphy's door by saying this but I do.
Hubby and I have been together for 15 years this year and we still laugh at each other and sit through lunch having a million stories to share. Don't get me wrong, it isn't always that way but it always ends up that way and isn't that the most important thing. I love my job. It isn't the most glamorous or most challenging job that I have ever had. But the community is amazing and the folks that I work with on a daily basis are wonderful. I get to go back to school for a steep discount and that is also pretty cool. Not only it is a great benefit of the job but it is so rewarding in it's own way. I never thought that I would go back and here I am. It's not easy but it feels right.
About 5 years ago I suffered from a herniated disc and it was crazy painful. I elected to not have surgery and manage it on my own through chiropractic care and exercise. I can say today that it was the best decision. I feel great. Once again, this isn't always the case but I have learned a lot about my body and limitations and to me that was much more rewarding that undergoing a "quick" fix that might not have been quick or a fix.
I have never been one to go forward with life full speed ahead and make peace with my decisions. I have always fretted over every decision, doubting the outcome. But from where I stand right now I'm pretty happy with where I am. It only makes me that much happier to see where we go from here. I know that I will still fret and second guess myself, but at least I can rest assured that no matter what the decision, it is always the right one.


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