September is kicking my butt

It is one of those months that is CHOCK FULL of fun, and work and other crap that isn't fun.
Today though.... today was one of those rare days that was a sneaky treat. Hubby and I had an unexpected lunch date. It was wonderful. I'm pretty sure if he's reading this he is rolling his eyes, but I had a wonderful time. First it was DELISH. We went to GinzaJapanese restaurant in Bloomfield. If you haven't gone... GO. I had a special roll called "Out of Control" and hubby had the angry dragon (which is pretty appropriate if you know him) and we both thoroughly enjoyed them. It was a beautiful day and we were joking and laughing and just happy. Yup I said it... we were both just happy (and no sake was involved!). I'm feeling pretty lucky today, even in the midst of a CRAZZZEEE month I am happy. This upcoming weekend we are headed to a football game and a wedding. I will tell you all about it next week.
Ciao peeps. Smile.


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