Highs and Low

I was riding that high for a while before it crashed. I'm just not sure where are the happiness went. I'm having a not great day and really want to just get back into bed and declare it a do-over. Not gonna happen though. I've got homework and laundry and a family get -together to do. Hate the to-do's.... oh well. Put on a happy face and get through it.
Fall is here and I'm trying to enjoy it. Next week we go back to the football game and this time we are ready. This week doesn't seem so stressful so it is probably a good time to step back and choose happiness.
What I really wanna do:
* go apple picking
* make apple crisp and eat it with yummy vanilla ice cream
* make chili and pumpkin muffins
* go to a fair and eat a smoked turkey leg
* drink hot coffee and cider and tea all day long
* go for a walk and shuffle through the leaves on the ground
* get up early, get in the car and drive. Get out when we get there and just take a deep breath. Then, turn around and come home.


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