Today was one of those days that you dream about. One of the days that you feel like you want to bottle up and take with you for always.
I worked yesterday so I was super tired and when we finally made plans we had to get going right away to get to where we wanted to go in time. We originally had plans to go to the Woodstock fair but because of reasons too numerous and not story worthy we weren't going. Instead we decided to go to the HillStead Museum farmers market and then go to RosedaleFarms vineyard for a wine tasting. Last week I met an Italian exchange grad student at the University and invited her to spend the day with us, turns out it was her birthday, so I was super happy that she wasn't alone today. When I studied abroad I spent my birthday there and remembered how lonely it was. Interestingly enough I also remember that we had a wine tasting that night as well.
We started at the farmers market and had a really wonderful time tasting all the cheeses and checking out all the gorgeous produce. There were peppers the size of a small child's head. I bought some manchego cheese from BeltaneFarm... delish. My girlfriend bought some cow's milk cheese from another vendor. That vendor also sold lamb sausage that we really want to go back and pick up. HillStead Museum grounds are gorgeous. The day was so bright and breezy and beautiful. From there we drove through Simsbury to get to RosedaleFarms. Gorgeous drive. The wines were wonderful and we bought some super expensive produce to make a caprese salad for dinner. When we got back to my friends house we cooked eggplant on the grill, made the salad, smoked/grilled some burgers, sausage and steaks. It was a meal fit for a king. All the while drinking really good wine. We ended the gorgeous meal with an apple pie. I am so stuffed. And so happy.
My new italian friend had a fabulous birthday, I soaked up an amazing day. Really truly what more could a girl ask for.

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