Random love

A list of random love:
* Right now my hubby is downstairs cutting up fruit for a fruit salad.
* Hiking is good for love and serenity.
* New games that the whole family can play.
* Being the greatest aunt because I wasn't afraid to teach my nephew to drive.
* Pulling up to my sister's house and having children throw themselves at you while screaming your name.
* Cleaning out a pile of junk and finding an old gift card with money on it!
* Looking forward to walking in the evenings.
* Sleeping with the window wide open.
* Not caring about having to get up early to go to work tomorrow because it has been such a lovely weekend.
* Visiting friends that put on a spread to make your mouth water and calling it "light snacks".
* Taking an evening stroll by the ocean.
* Putting plans back in place and life into perspective.
* Counting down the days to vacation.

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