Moving on...

What a lovely weekend. The weather was delicious, the events were great, and yet it doesn't feel quite complete. I'm really not ready for Monday this week. Can I take a rain check (although I REALLY don't want it to rain), can we postpone? Can I a get a weekend redo?
Oh well.
This week I am looking forward to:
- tonight I get to hang with Colleen and that mean I get to see her cute little Nolan, and that can't be bad.
- I only work 4 days this week. Yahoo!
- AND I'm not working next Monday so super long weekend here I come.
- Friday I got a hooky day coming my way and I get to hang with the lovely lady H! So looking forward to that.
- My next class starts, and although that doesn't sound like it belongs on this list; it means that I am slowly progressing through grad school and that is something to look forward to.

Ok, that's enough. I'm ready for Monday now.

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