The final exam is next week and the take home part of it is a DOOZY!!! Dang. I am struggling. The final, in class will be hard but manageable, I hope. Then 9 day break and the next class starts. 6 weeks, two nights a week for 3 hours at a time... did I mention, 3 HOURS AT A TIME, AFTER A DAY OF WORK!!! Hmmm... that will be interesting.

My aunt left today. It was so nice having her here. I will miss her. I will have to start a savings account called "trip to Italy"!!

And..... drum roll please.... THEY ARE DONE PAINTING THE HOUSE. It's done! All done. It looks AH-MAY-ZING!!! Really and truly. Make a drive by and tell me how awesome it looks. The company did a great job, but really truly the guy that deserves all the credit (besides my hubby for talking me into it!) is Mezinho (not sure really if that is how he spells it)! He was the head guy in charge, below the head head guy, and was the one that did all the work. He is new to the area and able to do all kinds of work. I recommend him highly for all your painting needs (indoor and out), he is able to do landscaping, tiling, stone work... you name it, he is up for it. Let me know if you are looking.

Pictures definitely to come. Just as soon as the exam is ovah!

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JudyB said...

Yeah! Good luck with the exam and can't wait to see the house!