Wow what a year. Last year at this time I was still searching for my next opportunity, and you were there by my side every step of the way. I was a stronger person knowing that I had you there for me. From you I get strength, respect and unconditional love. Not a day goes by that I don't sing your praises or want to call you to share my stories. 'Thank you' and 'I love you' don't begin to express my love and gratitiude. I look forward to this day and everyday that I get to tell you and world how great you are.

You are the mother that everyone wants to be. I'm not sure I ever told you, but a couple of years ago I entered you into a "Mother of the Year" contest. I wrote about your dedication, your encouragements, your creative nature and how much love you have and share with everyone.

To all my friends and family. I wish you the bestest, happiest Mother's day. A few shout outs to the new moms; Colleen, Cindy, Louisa and Kate; Sara with the newest addition; and of course the moms to be Jen and Heather. There are so many amazing moms out there, I hate to leave anyone out. If I missed you; a very special shout out to you! Happy Mother's Day to all!


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