Random Love

* my job- this has been a tough one for me. Lately I have notice that it isn't just growing on me, I love it. Being in higher ed is really great and I am excited that it has given me the opportunity to further my own education. Lucky me. The people here are amazing and the work itself is interesting.
* cooking- I love love love to cook. Everyday if I could. It is one of the things that I miss most about being home. When I was home I could have a meal ready for hubby every night of the week. I love that. Not because of the wifely duty of it but because it meant that I got to cook every day; plan menus, taste and try new stuff.
* I really truly love dark chocolate, almost to the point where I don't want milk or white anymore.
* The children in my life. My friends kids, my sisters kids, random kids that I see in stores. I really love children. Their innocence, unbiased emotions makes me so happy.
* This blog and reading blogs in general. Bloggie friends... love ya!
* Snow days... when you're finally home in your comfy sweats and you can watch the snow swirling. love it.
* The cape. For a couple of years we went every summer... then had to take a couple years off for various reasons. This year we go back and I am ecstatic.

Love ya,

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