I am so super lucky to belong to 2 great bokclubs right now. One is made up of all amazing women. We are all about the same age, same stage in life and generally like to read the same things and drink the same kind of wine. I have been a part of this group since last January. They started 5 years ago from a Craig's list posting. I know, can you believe it! They are a very loyal and caring group. I am thrilled to have them in my life.
The second book club is much smaller and more intense. We incorporate an adventure with every meeting. I probably shouldn't have joined this club because I started graduate school at the same time, but how could I resist. Adventure book club! It's awesome. On top of the adventures, these people are amazing! We never run out of things to talk about and I love having an excuse to hang out with them. Of course the other best most loveliest thing about book clubs is the reading. I love to read and always have. Growing up I lived two blocks from a library and went there as often as possible. I was starting to get into a rut with the books I was reading and love that the book clubs force me to read things that I may not have otherwise picked up. Yay.

(I think I'm up to date on the postings. It's been a rough week people but thanks for hanging in!)
And in the pictures above, we are not full groups.

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