This is the week of love. I can't help it... I am in love.
Every day I will tell you about my loves.

truly truly truly love him.
Every time I think, "this is it, this is gonna be the thing that tests us, that tells us if we are gonna make it as a couple." He totally blows my mind and makes it look so easy. He may not love V-day and want to buy cards and flowers and take me to dinner, but that doesn't matter one iota cuz he has SO much love for me. He gives it to me all day every day in the ways that count the most.
In our little personal jokes that no one would understand and I'm not about to explain. In the pot of coffee that he insists (and I do too, cuz he makes a mean brew) on making every morning. In our daily texts that are about nothing but that I can't live without. Love you babe!
I love love!