A Year to the Day

Almost. It is funny how things happen in cycles. It is a year to the day (give or take a day) that I sent my resume to Fathom for the account administrator position. Whoa. What a year it has been. Although things didn't end entirely prosperous for me I still think back at my time at Fathom with fondness. I made some amazing connections and fostered some others ;). It was a step in my career that was necessary. I'm not sure that I would have taken it knowing the outcome but I'm glad that I did. And although I find myself in almost the same exact position I am facing it with confidence and respect.
I have been home for 11 weeks (give or take a day). If you had told me that on the day that I was laid off that 11 weeks later I would still be home I might not have believed you. But here I am. There aren't a lot of possibilities out there for me but this week has brought me renewed faith and strength, which has been lacking lately. Maybe it is the sun that has decided to shine and fill the house with a glow that has not been here for awhile. Maybe it the fact that I moved the furniture in my room around and I unblocked some feng shui energy flow. Maybe it is the return of my Mom and her myriad of projects and daily acitivites... maybe it is just time.


Katie said...

I think its just time. When you're ready to feel better, you'll start to feel better. I'm so sorry about your job loss, but it is so inspiring to see your acceptance. :)

diezcosasquenonecesitassaber said...

(Hug) Sunshine ALWAYS helps.

And I think Katie's right about time and "readiness" to feel better. You've got to have what my friend Gayle refers to as "PLUM periods" (Plum, standing for "Poor Little Unfortunate Me."). In fact, I believe people DEfreakingSERVE their PLUM periods. When they've had them, they're ready to move on. I believe very, very much in your strength and hireability; sadly, this economy fucks with even the most virtuous and competent of hireables.

Keep truckin', Stefania. I think happy thoughts of you often.

PS--Jenn and I have been discussing rounding you up for a coffee date soon. Are you available at all in the coming week? Some evening maybe? :)