My Birthday

Today was my birthday. I was woken up with lots of loving birthday calls from my sister, niece and nephews, my mom and my mother in law. I love when the kids sing to me, makes me smile all day. I slept in, wrote some emails, went to a tax appointment and then got to spend the day with my hubby. He treated me like a queen. We took a drive down to Southern CT to check out a restaurant that was featured on DDD (a show that we love to watch on the Food Network). It was worth the drive, the wait and the tight quarters. We rented some movies, bought a birthday cake and spent the afternoon at home. He even sang to me before I cut the cake, cute or what! I really am the luckiest lady. (pictures to come)
Thank you for all the well wishes on facebook and emails and text messages and whatnot! You are the best peeps this gal could ask for.
How old am I? 32 and proud of it. This has been a difficult year, but all the better to look back and be so proud to have gotten through it. I am eager to see what this next year will bring! Starting with a big b-day for the hubby next month.
hugs, kisses and peace.


Katie said...

Happy belated birthday!!

(What place in CT was featured on DDD? I love that show!)

mama al said...

so glad your special day was SPECIAL! i love you bunches....xo, a