How to get a man to eat salad

Saturday night I had some friends over for a dinner party and made a new salad; the boys loved it.
Fresh spinach, pecans, red onions, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and bacon. For the dressing I mixed red wine vinegar and olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.
I was looking forward to the dinner since I put it together and it did not disappoint. We were ten altogether and we had a yummy hot crab dip, shrimp scampi, steaks, roasted green beans and tomatoes. For dessert Heather made the most delicious cream puffs with raspberry sauce. The leftovers I ate with yogurt the past two mornings and let me tell you it should be illegal. I'm addicted. Yum.
I love to bring friends together for food, wine and fun. I drank my share and spent most of the morning nursing a headache and sore throat (from laughing and playing catch phrase).
Sunday was a super quiet day. Hubby made a super SPICY chili and we watched the game. His team was playing and won. It was a nail biter of a game and we had a great time watching it.
I'm almost ready to start the book club book and just might have to buy it. The library doesn't have it... ugh. I've picked it up at three seperate book stores and put it back down trying to wait out the library.
Mom is coming home tomorrow. I am driving to NY to pick her up. I'm looking forward to having her home.
Ciao for now. Enjoy some party pics and food pics from over the last couple months.

Calzones with ricotta, cherry tomatoes and meat.

Chicken curry with mango (so delicious- recipe found online called for green peas and apples and I modified with mango and soybeans)

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Katie said...

Oh my goodness. Crab dip and scampi and steaks - oh my! What a feast! Can I be your friend????