Winter Break is ovah!

Winter break is over and I am sending husband back to school tomorrow. Although we had a great week together and celebrated in style... I think we will both be glad to be back to the rhythm of things.
I have a pretty clear week this week, no plans as of yet. Except to have lunch with one of my bestest friends. She is headed on a 2 week vacation to Fiji and wants to have lunch with me before she goes. Sweet, right. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with her. Oh and I really want to visit with Ali and the kids this week, miss them dearly... oh and my friend Bridget is on vacay this week so I'm sure that we will get together... and Heather has a visitor from Germany and I promised to visit with them. Huh... looks like I have a busy week after all.
Well I'm glad. I've spent WAY too much time home alone (before hubby was home this past week). Bring on the visiting. Anyone else wanna hang?
So this weekend was super fun. Friday night we had birthday dinner with my mom and her man Paul. We showed up with tulips, cheesecake, ice cream, salad and were treated to a delicious dinner. My mom made homemade pasta and meat and veggies. The cheesecake was for Paul, he is a real connoisseur and the salad was for Mom, she must have been a bunny in her past life. We had a great time and were home by 9:30. Saturday I woke up early to get to the gym, and then joined Bridget for a delicious breakfast and cappuccino. Yum. As I was walking into her house I notice a gorgeous woman walking down the street and was delighted to see that it was Caitlin. One of the gorgeous women that I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She is witty, smart and did I mention beautiful. It was so nice to run into her. We've been trying to plan a get together for weeks. I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and cleaning in preparation for dinner with JL and Chris.
JL was coming over to fix some pipes in the basement. Ever since we lived here the water pressure in the shower has been, well weak. A trickle if that. The last time JL stopped by my husband mentioned this fact and they decided to check out the basement and "follow the pipes" to see if there was a logical reason for this. Lo and behold the pipe was bent around a piece of wood. Instead of installing an elbow, they just bent the pipe. After 2 hours, a trip to home depot and a delicious dinner all was fixed. I just took and a shower and let me tell you, I never thought it could be that good.
Today has been a lazy, rainy, cozy day and I've loved every second of it.
Have a great night peeps and hope to see you soon.

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diezcosasquenonecesitassaber said...

OHHH! Yes! I get a mention in your blog! Stefania, you are too sweet. I should have you do all of my introduction for me for the rest of my life--for everything. I'll just have you write them letters before I get there so you can give them the right (and definitely hyper-optimistic/sweet) impression. :) It's been so lovely running into you lately! Every time we happen upon one another, though, I'm reminded of how much I miss seeing your lovely smile and being around the vibrant, generous, good-hearted flame of your being on a regular basis. (hug). I'm making Jenn and Sarah check their schedules for hang time this or next week. I'm determined that it WILL happen! And not by accident!

(Don't you love storybook length comments?) :)