Winter blah

It's getting to be that time of year where everyday is BLAH! We are trying to keep busy and this weekend was no different. Friday night we ventured into Hartford for the unveiling of the new facade and gallery at TheaterWorks. It was PACKED. You couldn't event walk around. We saw a few folks and corralled a few to join us at Hook and Ladder afterwards. We laughed and gossiped and chatted and were home by 10pm. My kinda night let me tell you.
Saturday I woke up early to head to the gym. I've been a little weary of the Saturday morning class, especially in the Winter. But this past Saturday proved me WRONG. It was a full class and they enjoyed it. I came home, did some cleaning and then headed out to meet up with the ladies for lunch at Panera. A friend was visiting from Maine, it was nice catching up. Afterwards Heather and I went to the movies to see Rachel Getting Married. Wow! Really amazing soundtrack and the movie wasn't so bad either.
Today we got up early and loaded the crock pot... chicken, beans, tomatoes, seasonings, onions, bacon.... and about 6 hours later... YUMMY. Heather and her man are over and we are watching a Dexter marathon. Not my favorite show, but my favorite peeps are here so that makes me happy.
I hate Sunday nights because it means the beginning of another week at home. I got a few leads late in the week last week so that was promising... we'll see what next week will bring. I'm going to start planning a party for the hubby; he has a big birthday coming up. Any ideas that you can send this way for a frugal yet elegant party are greatly appreciated. There are friends flying in for this one peeps.
The highlights of last week were:
• Watching the inauguration with my sister and the kids.
• Definitely book club (and the cake).
• Spending time with all my girlfriends (movies, lunch, unveiling...)
• No snow!
Okay peeps. Take it slow and enjoy the coziness!
The pictures are random bits of happiness!


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Katie said...

Now that sounds like my kind of weekend!

Its snowing here again today and I may kill myself. Here's hoping the sun remember where Connecticut is..