Snow Day Sunday

It snowed all night and most of the morning today. I was a little hesitant to head out and shovel. Last week after I did I threw my back out. But I didn't want hubby to go out alone and the snow looked so light. When I got out there the snow was incredibly light... it looked fake or like someone had a pillow fight and all the feathers leaked out. I shoveled the back staircase and the front walk. As I was walking back I watched hubby snow blowing our neighbors walk and thought instantly that I am the luckiest person alive. I know that lately I have been in the dumps and have let my uncertainty get the better of me, but from the beginning (and every day since) my man has been my biggest cheerleader. He has always fought to put a smile on my face, has listened to every tear filled confessio of uncertainty and "why me" and always reminded me that this is not about me and that I am awesome. As I watched him walk up the sidewalk I was filled with love and thought, "I love this man so completely, utterly, and forever". Then if that wasn't enough he is making the most delicious smelling sauce ever.... YUM.
I am trying peeps. I know that this is temporary and that things will happen for me. This week I am going to concentrate on "Choosing Happiness" and "Organization".
Thank you all for your constant encouragement and love. Jenn dinner was awesome!
OH and of course one of my favorite shows starts tonight and for that I am super excited.... bring on the BIG LOVE.
S (love me for my cheesy smile)


mama al said...

love you = to the moon and back as i tell the beans...and yes greg rocks! (*but so do you love!) xo, a

jenngator222 said...

Don't you love that feeling when you realize (again - you already knew!) that someone loves you completely just for who you are. And you know that his main focus in life is trying to make you happy. It makes you want to make it easier for him. So nice to have dinner with you. So glad I'll be seeing you this week. Excited for you to come over and see my place! Keep smiling and choosing happiness.

smiley9188 said...

Stay strong Stefania! And keep appreciating life and love. Can't wait to see you Wednesday!

Christen said...

This post gave me goosebumps. You a model of courage, hope and everlasting love. It is no wonder that everyone loves you and wants to be near your infectious outlook on life. Keep your chin up, you are inspiring us all!