So I've recently had the revelation that: This is probably going to take a while. Ugh. This week got worse and worse as the days went by. My back was ACHY, Hubby was super busy (and continues to be), I made phone calls on Tuesday that never got returned. I got together with a friend today to talk about job searching and interviews and whatnot and the bottom line... this may take awhile. Ugh.
So here I am at home, freezing (it is 15 degrees out or less) and I need to get back that cheerleader that was in me at the beginning.... So here is an attempt at the things that went well this week and the list of happiness.
• Waking up at sister's house with the kids was awesome. Watching little Juju and K get on the bus was adorable and spending time with R without the other kids was priceless.
• I had great aqua classes on Monday and Thursday, lots of compliments and it was great to move and not think about this damn computer.
• Going to the theater to see Ave Q was tons of fun. Hubby surprised me and we met up with some friends. I have wanted to see it for awhile and actually the fact that the main story line was about a kid that gets laid off from his job and tries to find purpose in his life... didn't bother me as much as it could have. :)
• I've been reading a TON more... and getting all the books from the library.
• Spending time with Ali and her kids ALWAYS makes me happy.
• Having dinner with Jenn tonight.... whoo hoo!
• Craigs list is fun....
• My sister always calls at the right time and says the right stuff.
Nuff for now.... Need to save some of these feel goods for next week...


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jenngator222 said...

Next week you'll have book club to make you feel good!