Another week

Not much more happening this week than last. It's getting old people. I guess the only difference is that I threw my back out shoveling... ugh. I was supposed to babysit yesterday and with the snow Saturday night I tried to help hubby before I left. After the shoveling I came in to take a shower and when I came out I was a hurt puppy. I still babysat and tried to have a good time doing it. But you know how it is when you have to sleep in someone else's bed when you are not feeling 100% and when a 5 year old decides that they HAVE to sleep with you.... I'm worse today. I am going to the dr this afternoon so that will help.
Babysitting was really really fun. We played rock band... I was supposed to be a lead singer. ;) We played Wii... it is crazy physical. I practically knocked R over. We read, we put a USA map together. We ate.... I made turkey burgers and fries, you would have thought that these children had never seen fries... the littlest one kept saying, "These are really good!". We got tattoos.... check the picture above (can't seem to post pictures at this time... check back later). I put a huge one on K's chest and he loved it and his mom did not. :) I live to aggravate my sister. My sister stayed home from work today so we went out for coffee and chatted. It was so nice to spend some time with her today.
On the job search front: NOTHING BREWING. I'm still looking and applying so keep those fingers crossed even though you think that at this point they might stay that way. Have faith peeps.

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