Ok... yup I know... I missed another day. I'm giving up on the daily posts, it's too much pressure.
Yesterday was uneventful... except for a visit from Jenn. Which was so nice. I missed her more that I thought. I took for granted that I could call out to her at any point all day long. I'm super excited to join her book club. I've wanted to join a book club for the longest time and was so jealous to hear the stories of her club. Yay!
I didn't really do much yesterday... which was ok. I need these days of lounging as much as the super productive days.
Today my mission is to GET OUT of the house. I've been home all week except for water aerobics on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I went to Staples to get envelopes. Yesterday I went to water aerobics and that is ALL. SAD yes. So I'm gonna go get dressed and go visit my Mom and maybe go grocery shopping or something...



jenngator222 said...

It was so great to see you! I miss you!

smiley9188 said...

I am excited for you to join Jenn's bookclub too!

Dwayne "The Train" said...

but i was looking forward to your daily posts. =(