Spirit? What spirit!

I'm all set with snow. It was magical for about 2 minutes and then was fun to look at (from inside) for about 15 minutes and now... I'm all set, thanks.
Hubby and I have been battling the snow for days now. Friday was the 1st snow day and we had a grand old time. Even though the weather dashed our plans of having the friends over for a delish dinner we still enjoyed the day. I made chocolate cake and that seemed to make it all better. We went out twice to clear the snow and still continued as we woke up on Saturday. I went to watch the kids in the afternoon and at my sister's house it didn't stop snowing at all. The kids kept begging me to go play in the snow and it was so cold I thought not... after about 20 minutes of all of them on their knees begging I finally gave in. Let's just say that they spent more time begging than playing. It was so cold (19 degrees).
Today... guess what?! More snow. We've already been out once to clear the walks and driveway and I sense that we will have to go out again soon. ugh. I love our house, I hate cleaning up after it.
On the Christmas news front; I'm still not done shopping. I am usually done by this time. Ugh. It really stinks. And I was going to go out today but I'm not in the mood to venture out in this weather. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to driving in the snow. Plus on the news last night they talked about the malls being jammed up because of the snowy weekend and people coming out in record numbers. Ugh. I'm going to try to get there 1st thing tomorrow.
So .... Merry Christmas peeps. We are just a few days away from the merriment and awe of the holiday. Enjoy your peeps! Spread the joy. Love, peace and alcohol! :)
Ciao, Buon Natale!

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smiley9188 said...

Stefania, I would love to get together for coffee or cocktail! What's your email address? mine is smiley9188@aol.com email me!

Enjoy the snow! You can't stop it, boy, I tried. It helps us slow down a little bit. Relax (minus the sore muscles from shoveling) a little. Christmas wouldn't be the same without the snow!