New week

Hey there peeps.
The weekend was pretty much uneventful. I spent some time at Hartford Stage with Santa on Saturday; I gave him my list ;) and then Tina and I went out to dinner and spent some much needed time catching up. We went to a restaurant downtown and were completely surprised at the line of people waiting to be seated as we were leaving. Yesterday I realized they were all there to see Ms Tina Turner at the XL Center. I read the review and at 69 it sounds like she delivered quite a show.
Sunday I went to visit my Mom for a delicious cappuccino. She got a new machine and it really does make a wonderful cup of coffee. We made graola together and trolled for some presents on the internet.
So really that is all. I made some tasty shrimp for dinner. We watched the final sprint on the Amazing Race; my favorite show. I love to see where they travel and what they have to do when the get there. Hubby and I always talk about which tasks we would do and how we would run the race.
So today Monday.... week 2. I can't believe that week 1 flew by so quickly and all I really did was stay home and send emails... ugh. I need to concentrate on getting out of the house. Today I will and not just to go to water aerobics. ;)

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