Rainy Days

This is the third rainy day in a row. On the first one I went to the mall for some retail therapy. Not the happiest as I felt guilty about every dollar... but it's the season! Right? I got some good deals.... so that helps.
Yesterday I went to visit my dear friend Alison and her kidlets. Adorable is all I can say! We had a great time catching up and spending some time listening to the kids negotiating, playing, sleeping (or trying to) and then lots of hugs as I walked out the door.
Today...I'm a wife. Cooking and cleaning is on the roster for the day. I bought some yummy eggplants last night (my favorite and hubby hates them!). So today I will attempt eggplant parmigiana... yum. I've never made it (see note about hubby hating it) but I've been known to throw down in the kitchen, so should be fun. And it's a great day to turn the oven on. So I might throw a batch of cookies in there as well... we'll see. ;)
Ok peeps... I'm running out of ideas.... Next week is looking kinda bare. I need some inspiration on things to do (cheap things please).... I have a few must dos... but beyond that I may be stuck here. Any ideas? I've been to the library, mall, visit Mom (she may be getting sick of me), visit Alison (which I will continue to do)... Anyone else need a visit?


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