Notes and things

your name: Stefania
a good name for a new rock band: Sirens
something you'd see out a car window: Starbucks
ten letter word: Snapdragon
something scary: Sickness
a super-hero or super-villian name: Soul Sucker
two ingredients that should NEVER be in the same recipe: Squid and Smarties
something you'd find in a purse or wallet: Sanitizer
a reason to break up with a lover: Sanity
something that irritates you: Slivers
a reason to celebrate: Sunshine
(I found this on another blog... do your own)

Check out my TOMATOES... I can't believe that I haven't killed them yet.


Isn't she adorable.

Oh and by the way veggie booty has been recalled ... all of it.
That's all for now,

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