Happy July!!!

This weekend has been a gift. The weather really could not have been better. Today the sun is shining and there is a wonderful breeze that is filling the house and making everything feel new. The company could also not have been better.
Friday evening I met some friends for our used to be regular bookstore date... we meet at said bookstore, troll around for books, magazines, whatevers and descend upon the coffee area where we buy lots of treats, sit and read the mags, books, whatevers and make a total raucous. I really thought that we were going to be asked to leave, if not by the management definitely the other patrons in the store. We catch up on each others lives and those in People magazine... Fun is. I was super surprised that the store was open that late. Crazee people... I did not get home until 11:00pm.
Yesterday was mini-reunion day. Every year Todd has a 4th of July party sometime the week of the holiday and this year was no exception. Every year we get invited and every year we have really good intentions of going. This year we actually did... so much fun. We got to catch up, eat some good grub, meet new people. Fun was had by all.
Today is relaxing, catching up on bloggy stuff, puttering around the house. G is still working on the wood stripping and he is doing a great job.
So Happy 4th all...Take it easy, be safe, don't drink and drive.

Um, hi... when was the last time I was on a swing.


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mama al said...

hi....seriously hearting this pic of y'all on the swings......