Summer is here to STAY.

It is the PERFECT SUMMER weather. Hot and sunny during the days and cool and breezy at night.
We are finally doing some work on the house... I guess I shouldn't really say WE... G is doing some amazing work around the house. He is taking on the HUGE project of stripping all the wood work on the first floor...
It already looks AMAZING.
What, you ask am I working on this summer.... well how about reading and visiting and just darn enjoying it! HAHA... I mean G does have summer break. I am working all summer on top of parties and weddings and our vacation in July. I want to milk this summer for all it's worth.
I hope you all enjoy and love the sum sum summertime.
A LIST (really an ode to Nina...)
-roof top dance parties (I went to one last night and danced my booty off)
-shopping with Leah for bathing suits and dresses
-invites to bbq's and parties streaming in everyday
-whispering vacation plans
-touring gardens (Alison's is amazing)
-fresh bags of lettuce gifted to me
-sleeping with the window wide open
-planning the office party (it's TOMORROW)
-planning to visit farmer's markets for all my summer veggie and fruit needs
-upcoming cupola firework parties
-swapping vacation plans and stories
-planning ice cream socials
-just plain daydreaming

-oh and of course eating ice cream on the deck


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