I've been wanting to post these for awhile... so here goes.

If you click on this one and make it big you can see the boys in the background sitting in a circle watching her and it is the CUTEST thing. Plus you can see that my girl is floating.

I was a great Memorial day dinner... the kids were hilarious. Robbie doesn't talk but he hears it all. My theory is that he is just waiting for the rest of them to be quiet and then he will take over.

It has been a tough week. I wasn't feeling well all weekend last weekend finally went to the dr and was all good to wake up the next day and my back is out. Two+ years ago I SUFFERED from a herniated disc. It wasn't bad enough for surgery so I've been doing Pilates, excersising and seeing a chiropractor to keep up with it. So when I run myself a little ragged and don't take care... I SUFFER... and let me tell you... I am suffering. I didn't go to work yesterday and Im hobbling a little today. I was the genius that didn't cancel water aerobics thinking that the water "would do me good". It did not.
I really need to be better by Monday because I really don't want to take another day off. But I am not stupid and if I have to I will.
So beyond that there really isn't much to report. Greg is really busy with rehearsals at school. They are doing "Guys and Dolls", cute huh. He is also being super great and running to the store and getting me treats and all that. He HATES when
I'm not feeling well. That makes two of us.
Some other news... I was on the NEWS again. We had a program at work the other day and they interviewed me. This link will take you to the website... go to the video and scroll on the side down to where is says Lynn Redgrave 5/31. I was nervous but it was fun.

Here are some more pics

My girl... showing off the for the camera and NOT sharing that ice cream for the world.




encarna said...

Verrrrry cute pix. J in that closeup looks a little like you. Love it.

I posted the Fox61 link to my blog, too (it's domesticalchemy.blogspot.com) because of my three seconds of camera time. I LOVE that you were quoted twice.

Hope your back feels better soon. Ciao!


mama al said...

so sorry you are down and out...sending mad love your way!