Where has the time gone.

Wow... The week before last (can you tell how long I've been meaning to post??) was so wonderful and relaxing and amazing. I was on vacation and was able to spend some much needed time with my family and friends.
Monday was "Ladies who Lunch". Once a month I get together with my Mom, cousin and sometimes-other friends. Monday was lunch at Half Moon in Wallingford with Claudia and my Mom. Afterwards we went to Claudia's house to see the kids real quick. Wow, they are all so big and awesome. Claudia gave me some great books to read, Adriana Trigiani, Big Stone Gap Trilogy (really loving it), Red Tent and other wonderful summer time reads.
Tuesday I went to visit with Sara and Ella. What fun. Ella is amazing and it was so GREAT to connect with Sara. I remember lots of summers when we were inseparable. We played hours upon hours of rummy, made mud pies in the milk cooler and would beg to spend nights over each other's houses. Ella is so cute and totally fun to hang with. We danced, ate a great lunch and took lots of pictures. Ella is an amazing kid. I went shoe shopping afterwards and picked up a really cute, summery pair of Bjorn's.
Wednesday I got to spend the day with Alison and her beautiful family. We ate some yummy pizza and just relaxed together. Myles is so smart and quite an amazing young man.
Teagan is such an inquisitive little gal that is definitely her mother's daughter. Her smile could melt your heart. Benji (the newest addition t the family is so much a part of this family already. He is calm, gorgeous and loving... what more can I say. Ali- you all are amazing and I would be honored to spend some time with you all again... maybe this time we can pick a nicer day. Love you all.
Friday was supposed to be my spa day... but my sister was not able to get her schedule in order so we had a great lunch instead... it was amazing. Leah lady joined us and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing end to my vacation week.
It went by so fast and now I'm back to work. Today was a big day at the theatre... we had a ladies luncheon with Eve Ensler and ended the day with the annual meeting. Lots of running around.
I hope to not let 2 weeks go by until I write again but I also can't promise. I've been a little "in my head" (a term that I think I've coined and seem to use ALL the time) lately and can't seem top kick it. Hopefully the summer will get here and stay and cool off a bit at work so that I can get out of my head and hang a bit more...
Love you all!

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